PowerShark Name

Ultra-efficient USB-C power for your Amiga 500, 600 and 1200.

Clean, stable energy supply.

Advanced monitoring and protection features.

Coming soon!

Revolutionizing Amiga Power Solutions

PowerShark is a next-generation power converter for the Amiga line of computers - A500, A600 and A1200. It provides stable, high quality power, perfect for continuous long-term operation of even the most expanded configurations. Utilizing any 12V-capable USB-C power supply for the first stage conversion, PowerShark allows users to tap into a vast array of affordable and readily available “power bricks” for their Amiga system. Furthermore, portable USB-C “chargers” are also supported, bringing the dream of battery-operated Amigas to life. And it works flawlessly with magnetic USB-C adapters, too, ensuring an accident-free environment similar to “MagSafe”.

Monitoring and Protection

PowerShark continuously monitors the voltage supplied to your Amiga and immediately stops the current flow if even a slight deviation is detected. The device can even prevent damage in situations where other power sources in your setup, such as a display monitor connected via HDMI cable, create an over-voltage scenario - PowerShark will rapidly drain the excess current from the system.

The protection circuit is designed for safe unattended operation. If an over- or under-voltage is detected for even a microsecond, or if your Amiga overloads PowerShark due to some internal failure, the device will cut the power and enter a locked-up state that requires a power cycle to reset. No more guessing whether an instability you experienced is due to a software bug or power issues!

Speaking of power-cycling, doing it too rapidly can be a problem for old computers. That’s why PowerShark prevents it from happening by delaying successive power-up events by a few seconds.


PowerShark leverages recent advances in integrated power circuits to achieve efficiency surpassing any Amiga power supply in existence (as measured at the mains outlet). When powered off, custom-designed circuits make it “greener” than virtually any other USB-C device on the planet - normally USB-C power supplies turn on and energize the connecting cable as soon a device is plugged on the other end. Not so with PowerShark, which remains “invisible” until you actually flip the power switch. In other words, you can keep it plugged at all times without worrying about your electricity bill.


A glance at PowerShark, inside or outside, will immediately tell you that this is not your father’s power supply. The device sports an astonishingly compact form-factor, barely larger than the power plug you have been using so far, and a shape meticulously designed to ensure safety and ease of access. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and fits in a pocket (yes, that small one in front of your jeans). The circuit boards inside are a marvel of miniaturization, featuring many components barely visible to the naked eye. The entire device radiates polish and finesse. To hold it in your hand is to love it.

In conclusion, PowerShark is an innovative, reliable, and efficient power converter that offers unparalleled protection and compatibility for the Amiga computers. Its compact design, eco-friendly features, and advanced engineering make it a must-have for every Amiga enthusiast.